This is a repository for some of the pictures I've made over the years. Hope you like it! If I make anything new, I'll probably put it here.


Two sides of a cassette. I use the one on the left as my YouTube account icon.


I don't know why, but I have a thing for eyes. You may have already seen some of these images (and some of the images to follow) as backgrounds on the site.


An anthropomorphic "?" block character (I called her an "item fairy") I made up a while back. Ain't she just the cutest thing? Next to her are some faces I drew while planning her out.


In case you haven't noticed, I do a lot of work in 4-color black and white. I blame the corruptive influence of the Game Boy Pocket. Anyway, check out the cyborg gamer girl queen on the left! She has 6 arms, four of which are telepathically connected and two of which are directly connected, for maximum video control. (I wonder how many people will recognize what the crown is in reference to?) Meanwhile, the pic on the left is called "Tiny World in the Mind."


A lot of the stuff on my computer falls into this category. It's a grab bag: some ice cream, a plum, a piece of candy, a heart, a smiling cellphone and a melting smile, a strange triangular relic, a starry vista and a silly face. Wash it all down with a glass of blood wine.


Pictures of a little character I used to use as an avatar online. (We'll be seeing more and more color images from here on out.)


Two pics I made back when the Pluto flyby was happening, which feels like forever ago now. The first one is called "Planet X" (based on the tentative name Pluto was given when it was first discovered,) and is based on false-color images of the planet cosmic body that were circulating at the time of the flyby.


If you know what this image represents, you're a massive nerd.


A trio of emoji I made for a Discord server I'm in. The first one is a synth; the second is a "programmer flag" made from stylized C comment tags; third is the always-handy rimshot.


An experiment in trying to make an image using the 16-color palette in MS Paint. I like how it turned out. (You may have already seen this one on the site's "Back Alleys" page.)


The "Homus Electronicus" collage that appears all over the splash page for this site. The screenshot is from Umihara Kawase, one of the all-time great examples of that sweet cyborg pleasure called kineasthetics. While I was transferring it over to my current computer from my old one, the bottom came out slightly corrupted. Even though I was able to find an uncorrupted copy, this effect looked so cool that I decided to keep it. Blessed be the glitch gods.


Somehow, fate would put me in the position to make these images. The first is another collage planned for a critique of Sonic Dreams Collection I was working on that eventually got canned (I think I still wound up using it for something else, though.) The second one is basically a gag image I titled "Fandom is the New Religion." Make of that what you will.

That should be enough for now. I hope this page keeps growing as I continue to hone my abilities.
Thank you.

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