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a man approaches a tits-out anime cyborg woman
		               with a torso full of keys and dials,
		               preparing to input.
Some have their cigars.
Some have ecstacy.
All apes have their vices,
and your vice is me.

this is DOMME, a signal handler that degrades you when you segfault. if you know what this means, and you're into that, give it a look. it's not safe for work, but it may make debugging memory errors less painful. or more painful. depends on your mindset. more details in the README, if you dare.

think of this as shell-mommy's evil twin. it's half art piece, half interactive erotica, half technical joke. as a matter of fact, i'd had this working before even cargo-mommy, shell-mommy's rustbound inspiration, had gone online. i'm a little miffed that i never got around to uploading this until well after both of those had gone up first. i could've been ahead of the curve! but at the same time, being informed of these projects is what finally gave me the resolve to post my own naughty bits to the web, so i really owe sudofox and gankra my thanks. there is maybe something poetic about the fact that the gentle domme is in rust and the hard domme is in assembly.