> A L L E Y S

The alleys twist into a maze, and recede into a haze. You wander through corridors formed by the walls of adjacent buildings. Overhead, wires string back and forth between them, forming a canopy that sways in the wind. Underfoot, you hear the crunch and snap of tech junk, dead monitors and brittle plastic, broken glass and discarded cyber-prosthetics, arms, legs, titanium skulls.

The nexus is still in sight, for now.

Gradually, you become aware of odd doors and halls, abnormalities in the corner of your vision, and shapes in the fog:
 @You catch a glimpse of another figure
  moving through the alleys.
  You try to follow it,
  But before you can catch up, it vanishes
  behind an eerily pristine door.

 @Down one path, the trash begins to accumulate.
  Following the trail,
  you discover that someone has arranged it
  into a rusted palace.

 @You reach a circular opening.
  There are too many doors to count.

 @There's a doll sitting on a balcony,
  staring blankly in your direction.
  You sense something pulsing behind its gaze.

 @To your right is an old, shabby, rusted door.
  A sign hanging from the handle reads:
  Do you trust it?

 @Beyond all the wires,
  beyond all the fog,
  you can see a colossal shadow
  towering in the distance.
  If you keep it in sight,
  you may be able to feel your way there...

 @There's a brick missing from a cracked wall,
  the kind that might give
  if you lean too hard on it.
  You look through the hole,
  But all you can see are stripes...

 @The cat from the nexus has reappeared.
  it guides you to an empty pool at a dead end.
  It's fallen into disrepair;
  you can't turn it on.
  The cat motions toward the pool.
  What do they want you to do?

 @Poking through the detritus,
  you notice a computer
  with all its parts still attached.
  You plug it into an exposed outlet,
  jutting from the rubble where a room once stood.
  Miraculously, it turns on.

 @Amid all the chaos and noise,
  you almost don't notice
  that someone appears to have dropped a book.
  Unwittingly, you open it,
  (I honestly have no idea what this is, sorry.)

 ...At long last,
  you hear the sound of people up ahead.
  Other noises, rumbling, automotive,
  and the telltale bell of a locomotive...